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                    Size:3300x1900mm 3300x2134mm
                         3300x2440mm 3660x2250mm
                         3660x2134mm 3300x2250mm
                         660x1900mm 660x2550mm

                         1.Low-e glass is glazed with an ultra-thin metallic coating. The manufacturing process
                         applies this with either a hard coat or soft coat process.
                         2.This glass is an energy efficient way to control the heat being allowed in and out of
                         a home or environment.
                         3.Low-e glass allows visible light to pass through it but blocks heat-generating ultravio-
                         let light, requiring less artificial heating or cooling to keep a room at the desired temp-
                         4.The coating used to make low-e glass works to transmit short wave energy,allowing  
                         light in, while reflecting long wave energy to keep heat in the desired location.
                         5.Low-e glass comes in high, moderate and low gain panels. In especially cold climnates,
                         heat is preserved and reflected back into a house to keep it warm. This is accomplished 
                         with high solar gain panels.In especially hot climates, low solar gain panels work to
                         reject excess heat by reflecting it back outside the space.
                         6.Soft coated low-e glass is more delicate and easily damaged so it is used in insulated
                         windows where it can be in between two other pieces of glass.
                         7.Hard coated versions are more durable and can be used in single paned window.They    
                         can be used in retrofit projects.
                         Low-E insulating glass unit
                         building facades
                         Interior glass screen
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                    Old Women Tube, Mature Women Tube