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                    Silk-Screen Glass


                    1.silkscreen printed glass mirror is produced using inorganic color ink that prints patterns through a special screen onto glass.
                    2.it is a perfect decorative material,There is no end to the possibilities of patterns and colours with regard to silk-screen printing, which enables a perfect application to the expectations of clients.
                    3.due to the process of tempering,in which it is subjected to high temperatures that partially melt the paints into the glass,it takes on all the properties of tempered glass.
                    4.Partially transparent glass panes allow for a controlled flow of light between spaces, eliminating the need for artificial lighting while at the same time guaranteeing the required level of privacy.
                       Building construction:
                       glass facades of buildings and skylights.     
                       fillings of railings and balconies,
                       framed or frameless glass internal walls and doors systems,
                       glass stairs
                       Equipment and interior design:
                       table tops,
                       components of furniture, 
                       glass shelvings,
                       shower cabins,
                       other decorative elements
                       Household appliances:
                       components of refrigerators and freezers,
                       elements of cookers and cooking ovens

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                    Old Women Tube, Mature Women Tube